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The Student Experience O by Danielle Foster '12 Behind the scenes at HEC n a brisk morning last April, I headed across the engineering quad toward Statler Hall, feeling nervous and eager about the day ahead of me. I had spent 18 hours at the school the day before, and today, Saturday, would be no different. In fact, I had spent hundreds of hours over the months since school began in planning every aspect of the function I had been assigned for Hotel Ezra Cornell, the Closing Cocktail. As I approached Statler Hall's front doors, realization set in: the time had come, and tonight I would execute my menu and serve it to more than 300 guests. I took a deep breath and entered the building. It was five o'clock in the morning. On any other day, the school would be empty and quiet at this hour, but not today. Students hurried past me in the hall- ways, communicating important instruc- tions into walkie talkies, delivering supplies back and forth between the school and the hotel, and transporting provisions to the food labs. Students who had been working round-the-clock were passed out on the couches in the Beck Center. Others were fueling up on coffee and sugar in an effort to keep energy high. When I reached the food labs, students were already hard at work preparing the Saturday breakfast buffet; some of them had been in the kitchen since three a.m. I got my recipe packet and to- do list from the executive chef, Lindsey Brous '12, and prepared to spend the day baking more than 700 bite- sized desserts. As I set up my station, I thought back to my first days in the HEC organiza- tion, when, as a new transfer student to the school, I did not know anyone and could not possibly have imagined that I would soon play an integral part in bringing HEC 86 to life. Clockwise, from left: Senior lecturer Giuseppe Pezzotti '84, MMH '96 "spins platters" at the Closing Cocktail; the HEC board, from left: front: Willis Cheng '11, managing director, Diana Delli Santi '11, F&B director, Hannah Greenberg '11, program director, Morgan May '11, F&B service direc- tor, Lindsey Brous '12, executive chef, Christine Seliga '11, guest services director, Casey Francis '11, procurement director, Katie Tomechko '11, business affairs director, Javier Rodriguez '12, marketing director, Harryette Kim '12, human resources director, and back: Dean Michael Johnson, Photos by Zachary Ruben '11 20 School of Hotel Administration University Photography

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