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Industry Focus by Jeannie Griffith SHA and ILR set a course R Photos by Jon Reis Photography 14 School of Hotel Administration ight across Statler Drive from the Statler Hotel sits a school that, like our own, is the oldest and best of its kind in the country, if not the world. Its mis- sion, to prepare workplace leaders, inform employment and labor policy, and improve working lives, offers a logical complement to the School of Hotel Administration's mission to ready students for leadership in the hospitality and tourism industry. At least, that's what David Sherwyn, BSILR '86, JD '89, a professor of law in the School of Hotel Administration, and Richard Hurd, associate dean for external relations and a professor of labor studies in the School of Industrial and Labor Relations, have thought since they first proposed in 1995 creating a jointly taught course, focused on improv- ing labor relations in the hospitality industry, and offering it to students of both schools. As often happens with really new ideas, this one took a while to get trac- tion. The man who was then campus president of the United Auto Workers, which represents some Cornell employ- ees, raised concern in ILR that the course would teach management types how to beat back an organizing cam- paign. "The ILR School has a long- standing policy of not teaching union- busting," explained Hurd. "If we are teaching students how to behave in an organizing campaign, I suppose from some perspectives you might see that as teaching management how to defeat unions as opposed to how to address the issue of unionization." Richard Hurd elaborates on Canadian vs. U.S. labor practices while Paul Wagner listens.

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