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Icons by Sherrie Negrea W This year's Icon Award winners: Dedicated to humanity illiam P. Magee, Jr. was working as a plastic surgeon in Norfolk, Va. in 1982 when he was invited to accompany a group of doctors to the Philippines to operate on children who were suffering from cleft lips and cleft palates. When they arrived, the volunteers were prepared to perform the surgery on 40 children, but were overwhelmed when 300 showed up in the arms of tearful parents begging for help. Magee remembers clearly a woman who brought her eight-year-old daughter and a bunch of bananas to offer as a gift to the volunteer surgeons to repair the girl's cleft palate when they returned. But the doctors would not be coming back. Wracked with guilt and emotion, Magee and his wife, Kathy, a nurse who was on the trip, decided to take on the medical mission themselves with a group of friends in Norfolk, and immediately launched Operation Smile. After returning to the Philippines annually for six years, the charity moved into Liberia and Kenya and then Lack of access to safe water and sanitation remains a major challenge for developing countries and multiplies devastation in impoverished communi- ties. The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation has a long history of increasing access to clean water in poor, water-stressed regions of Africa, Mexico, and India. Here, women in Ghana draw water from a well drilled with Hilton Foundation funding. Photos courtesy of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation 8 School of Hotel Administration

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