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Cornell Hotel Society-Chapter President's Handbook • Contact the manager of the establishment (if a Cornellian/Hotelie, even better) in advance to alert him/her that you are bringing a group along – and ensure there are no conflicting events at the venue. Reserve a table if possible, but the idea is to avoid any bookings of private rooms, incurring room rental costs, or minimum spend requirements. • Promote it to your CHS friends and associates through e-mail, Facebook, word of mouth, etc. • Take photos at the event and send them to for posting on our Facebook page. • Please ensure conduct becoming of the Cornell Hotel Society. • Lastly, keep it casual and have fun! Steps for Planning an Event (Rocky Mountain Chapter) 1. Create document containing specifics of the event including: a. Date b. Start and End time c. Location d. Description e. Cost (tiered pricing, if an option; dues and non-dues paid pricing) f. Contact information for event organizer g. RSVP cut-off date (if necessary) 2. Create Eventbrite Registration Page (get help from another Board member familiar with how to do this) 3. Create draft email communication with Eventbrite link and test 4. Submit event to Cornell for posting on the calendar and updating Chapter website 5. Establish a marketing communication plan and schedule that includes how the event will be marketed and how and when the information will be distributed (get help from a Board member to involve Cornell in the distribution plan) 6. Divide the membership list and recruit attendees via phone, if necessary 7. Create nametags (if necessary) – make sure the print is a large font so everyone can read what's written 8. Recruit greeters for event (if necessary) Page | 68

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