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Cornell Hotel Society-Chapter President's Handbook IDEAS FOR YOUNG ALUMNI The enthusiasm of more recent graduates is the spark that can ignite the spirit of any group. Let's look at some ways of attracting the young alumni (those who have received their degrees within the past 10 years). Although young alumni are usually establishing careers and starting families, they often welcome an opportunity to rekindle old ties and join in your local Chapter activities, if the activities are appealing. In general, "appealing" means events that are informal, inexpensive, casual, social, and career-related. You can utilize the same survey for young alumni as you did for other alumni, perhaps allowing additional choices and space for comments. Consider these ideas that have attracted enthusiastic young alumni: • Summer picnic, barbecue at a local park, tailgate party, kite flying party • Sunday brunch, Saturday lunch, downtown dinner program • Special local attraction, e.g., opera house, winery/brewery tour, museum private showing • Planetarium visit – especially attractive to young families • Tennis tournament • River raft trip • Skiing, backpacking, hiking trips • Piggyback campus events, e.g., go to a festival or fair, and ask another club to join the activity • Career networking event • Campus video After considering the special interests and needs of the young alumni, think carefully before holding an event exclusively for these alumni. Many older alumni may enjoy the less formal programs as much as the younger alumni. However, if there are a large number of young alumni in your Chapter area, you may wish to hold a "recent grads night" as an effective first attraction. See what gives the best results. Don't overlook the fact that although many young alumni are not able to make significant financial contributions, they often are willing, and eager, to give time, effort, and enthusiasm instead. Consider these service-oriented programs: Alumni Admissions Representative Program Young alumni are the ideal candidates for Hotel School field interviews since they have the most up-to-date information about and experience on campus. Information on these field interviews can be obtained by writing or calling the Admissions and Student Services office at the School of Hotel Administration, telephone 607-255-6376. Page | 66

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