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Cornell Hotel Society-Chapter President's Handbook • Posting photos: o Photos drive engagement on social media. Post only photos that are appropriate for a wide audience and that positively reflect on all who are captured within that image. o Do not "tag" people in photos to be respectful of their privacy. Let them tag themselves, if they wish to do so. o Encourage Chapter officers and members to share various Cornell-related photos, not just CHS event snapshots. • Creating shorter links for e-mail and social media use: o For social media, use to shorten links to other pages for ease of use, memory, and retyping. Go to and paste in your long link – the site will translate it to a shorter string of characters (which will thus fit better within Twitter's character restrictions). The end part of the link can be customized, using dashes between words as separators, so the link can be found in searches. o For e-mails, use the hyperlink function to add a hyperlink to a word or phrase within in e-mail. Other helpful communication templates include: CHS Letterhead , CHS Logo Chapter Member Contact Information Encourage Chapter members to update their contact information with the Hotel School, which can be managed online at: Updated lists of Chapter members are available from the Hotel School Alumni Office. Some Chapters have found it most efficient to upload a new list of contacts to their e-mail account (Gmail accounts retain contact lists) each month after deleting the previous one. When replacing contact lists in Gmail (or another e-mail provider), we recommended creating a separate – and permanent – group that contains the e-mail addresses of each of the Chapter Board members, as well as the Director of Alumni Affairs, the Director's Assistant (Nickie Fredenburg), and the regional Chapter President. SCHOLARSHIP Few endeavors are more important to Cornell than opening its doors to the next generation. Keeping Cornell within reach of talented students from all backgrounds remains an enduring principle of our university, creating greater access and opportunity. Today we are doing all that we can to make a Cornell education affordable for our students and families. I am proud that Cornell is the 10th most economically diverse university of our caliber in the nation. Some 50% of our undergraduate students receive Page | 54

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