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Cornell Hotel Society-Chapter President's Handbook • OTHERS TO CONSIDER: Instagram (photo sharing) and Pintrest (visually appealing electronic bulletin boards) o These are both very popular/trending sites that could be valuable for use by the CHS Chapter, however it is important to weigh the benefit with the time required to maintain these social media channels. Social media must be actively managed, which can be difficult for volunteer Chapter officers with have other commitments. Communication/Marketing Tips • Have one person (or a team of two or three) handle all social media. • Keep all user names and passwords for the Chapter in a centralized place, for each officer position, so they can be easily passed along to the next officer in an organized fashion. • Gaining Followers on social media: o Include links to the Chapter's Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn groups/profiles in each e-mail that is sent to the Chapter o For Twitter, have your Chapter's handle follow other Cornell groups to create connections. o Mention the social media accounts/groups at every event. The President (or spokesperson) should make it a rote mention every time the Chapter gathers for any purpose. o Ask other Cornell groups to post links about the Chapter on their sites (Cornell Club, etc.). • Social media etiquette: As social media is a new and expanding communication medium that is largely unregulated, it is important to follow some key etiquette standards: o Within Twitter, be succinct and obey the construct of 140 characters for a single message. o Limit the use of exclamation points or avoid them entirely. o To connect with others, use @ for Twitter handles to link to other people/groups in your tweets, and # to connect with related conversations. o Social media encourages levity, cleverness, and timeliness but keep messages professional as you are representing the Chapter electronically. o Be wary of when you post/tweet. The "busiest" times for viewing social media – and thus the best times for posting – are 8 – 9am, 12 – 1pm, and 5 – 6pm. o Be aware of your audience of group members/followers and tailor the content and delivery appropriately. Page | 53

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