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Cornell Hotel Society-Chapter President's Handbook Chapter member e-mail addresses can be set up into groups (of up to 500 e-mail addresses in each group, typically) and then the sender can list the group on the "Bcc" line. For standardization and ease of reference, it is recommended that the Chapter include a boilerplate closing to each e-mail that is sent to Chapter members. Here is an example: Please forward this e-mail to any Cornell Hotelies in the New England area who may not have already received it and ask them to provide us with their updated contact information. To update your address with the Cornell Hotel Society, please go to: If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to us at If you are interested in volunteering your time on a committee, for an event, or completing a task for the Cornell Hotel Society – New England Chapter, we invite you to contact us at If you would like to be removed from our contact list, please e-mail us at: -Cornell Hotel Society, New England Chapter Fee-based Constant Contact ( or a similar service such as CVent can be used for event management and electronic newsletter marketing. (Email marketing can also be done for free using a Gmail account.) The price is approximately $25/month for Constant Contact of CVent or $200 for the year. For event management, Constant Contact allows users to utilize PayPal for advance registration and payment, track attendees and related contact information, print registration and payment lists, print nametags, provide various event price points, and establish an attendance cap or a registration deadline. Social Media A new social media strategy will be rolled out by the Cornell Hotel Society in the near future, however in the meantime this is a helpful guideline for Chapters. Social media has exploded as a communication medium and new ways to connect are continuously emerging. We have provided an overview herein of some of the most popular ways to engage: • Facebook is widely used by a broad demographic base, and is a way to create an online community, engage in virtual conversations with Chapter members, and promote Chapter events. It is primarily used for social purposes. o Establish one or more Administrators who will take primary responsibility for creating the Facebook group, uploading a Profile Photo and a Cover Photo, drafting a Chapter description for the About section and otherwise launching the account. Page | 50

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