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Cornell Hotel Society-Chapter President's Handbook created until after the RSVP deadline. If any of these items need to go to a professional printer, allow time for production well in advance of the event date. • Ask Board members to volunteer at the event. Determine which Board members will be in attendance and ask these people to volunteer at the event itself. Duties you may need help with could be the following: • A person or two to do registration; • A person to be responsible for handling and holding on to the cash or checks that may be collected at the door (the President or Treasurer are best suited for this); • One person to bring a camera and take photographs; and • A few people to help with decorations or set up. • Exchange cell phone numbers with your volunteers so that everyone can be reached the day of the event. • Determine who will be bringing what to the event (decorations, handouts, nametags, etc). • Prepare comments if you plan to speak formally at the event. • Confirm details with your venue and other vendors. Try to get a contact for who will be working your event the day of. Day of Event • Greet guests, have name tags available, use a checklist of those who pre-registered, and collect money as necessary. • As President, act as hosts/hostesses to greet the participants so that they feel welcome. Try to meet all your guests and introduce other Board members. Give credit to those who helped and facilitate an opportunity for them to network. • If there is a guest speaker, provide a gracious introduction of the speaker, introduce other officers and visiting dignitaries or VIP guests, sponsors, or donors and allow time for questions. Day/Week After the Event • Deposit cash, checks, or transfer credit card proceeds to your Chapter's bank account. • Make final payments to your venue and vendors and reimbursements to Board members. • Convert your budget into a final P&L to determine your event profit or loss. Note your final guest count including the number of no-shows or walk-ins. • Follow up events with a critique. Watch the pattern of people attending. Do they turn out in greatest numbers for athletics? Faculty speakers? Dinners? This followPage | 46

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