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Cornell Hotel Society-Chapter President's Handbook 4. Who will be invited to assist with the program? 5. Who will be in charge of each event? 6. How much will these events cost? 7. Will we charge an admission fee? 8. Will we levy a surcharge on some or all events to cover the costs of younger members for administrative purposes, scholarship, etc.? 9. Will we offer a discount to members who are current on their dues? If these questions are answered by the end of the first meeting, you have plotted a good direction for your Chapter. If not, don't leave the meeting, or set another session soon. Note: Events must be run on a break-even basis, at barest minimum. After each event, an evaluation form should be completed and distributed to Board members so that everyone is aware of the successful and not-so-successful events. There are no provisions in the principal CHS treasury for contingency funds for Chapter "overruns," so be sure your financial plans are well-founded. See a useful example of an Event Planning Calendar. Advice for Chapters that are Reinvigorating Their Events • Start by thinking of two anchor events for the annual calendar. These should be events that draw large numbers, like a Holiday Party. Often these events turn into traditions for many chapters and are focused on just getting people together to see each other. Important still, though, to find a venue of interest/ status, with great F&B. When great F&B isn't delivered, we receive complaints. • Once these anchors are set and going, you can then think about two more niche events. Niche events can focus on a particular area of industry interest, or may be niche due to geography, i.e. to capture a geographic market that might be more out of the way than most. New hotels or new restaurants, or other significant event complexes can work well for this. Provides a great chance for people in the industry to get an "inside" look on latest greatest place in town. Often what helps with these events also is a solid guest speaker or guest chef. • Niche events can, of course, then expand beyond two. • Other types of events that can round out programming in a year: o School-sponsored events, like meeting with visiting students of new admits. o Young Alumn cocktail parties in latest bar / lounge / nightclub. o Industry panels o Volunteer/philanthropic events – some chapters join forces with the local Food Bank, for example Page | 39

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