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Cornell Hotel Society-Chapter President's Handbook planning events, and establishing social networking accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Pictogram, etc.). OFFICERS' RESPONSIBILITIES Dynamic, enthusiastic leaders are the keys to a successful Chapter. Design the Chapter to fit the needs of the particular area. The number of officers and committees is best determined by the size of the Chapter and the interest of the members. At least three officers in each Chapter are desirable to allow for delegation succession. An appointed term for the President is advised. Typically, the role of President can be quite time consuming, so a finite end allows for better succession planning. Most Chapters have 2 year terms, although some have 1 or 3 year terms. Longer terms allow enough time for leaders to become effective and knowledgeable, but are not so long that leaders feel burnout. The transition can take place through elections in accordance with the bylaws. Again, the basic framework of a Chapter consists of the President, the Vice President, the Secretary-Treasurer, and the Program Chair. The Program Chair should focus on building a comprehensive plan for goals and program — something members can get enthusiastic about. The following list of Board positions and roles are some examples of positions other Chapters employ. President and Vice President Shared Responsibilities • Provide general guidance and direction for Board priorities • Oversee Chapter and Board functions • Support fellow Board members • Coordinate Chapter meetings • Act as liaison between the University, CHS, and the Chapter Secretary • Record and distribute meeting minutes to Board • If necessary, assist Alumni Office in updating local Chapter members' information • Handle all Board administrative issues including insurance and internal communication • Prepare a summary of the year's events and achievements, and incorporate the year-end financial summaries (prepared by the TreasureR) to be sent to the Alumni Office Page | 33

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