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Cornell Hotel Society-Chapter President's Handbook HOW TO ORGANIZE A CHAPTER A Society Chapter is organized for one of two reasons. Either a group of alumni in a specific area want to become involved or the Office of Alumni Affairs at the Hotel School identifies the need to establish a Chapter in a particular area. In either case, the procedure for organizing and establishing a Chapter is the same and is outlined below. 1. Identify a core group of five to ten alumni who would be willing to serve on an organizational committee. 2. Determine the level of interest and commitment that this group has made for the formation of a Society Chapter. 3. Petition the Alumni Affairs Office at the Hotel School to form a Chapter in a particular area. This petition should be signed by each member of the core group with his or her graduation year, and a statement of intent to fulfill the objectives of the Society and to provide a reasonable level of Chapter activity in a particular geographical area. 4. At the next scheduled meeting of the Cornell Hotel Society, either in April or in November, the petition will be reviewed, and if it is appropriate, approved. The Chapter will then receive a charter and becomes a full-fledged member Chapter of the Cornell Hotel Society 5. Following the approval of the Chapter, contact the Alumni Affairs Office anytime for: • A current list of names and addresses of alumni in the area (Excel spreadsheets via email). (The use of these lists is confined to Chapter business and not to be sold or used to promote a business. Please protect this information as you would protect your personal information.) • An Alumni Affairs Office representative or a Regional Vice President to visit your area to make recommendations and assist in organizing and implementing a Chapter. • Ideas for planning an organizational meeting. 6. Select a date for the organizational meeting and invite all area alumni. The purpose of this meeting is to select leaders and plan activities. Leadership should take the form of a Board of Directors (a head director with other directors) who share in the responsibilities and prevent one person from shouldering the entire load. The Board should select the President, the Vice President, the Secretary-Treasurer, and the Program Chair. 7. Notify the Alumni Affairs Office of actions taken at the first meeting and provide a list of leaders chosen. 8. Additional steps discussed later in this manual can include creating a bank account, generating a website (the best option is through Cornell's system – described later), Page | 32

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