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Cornell Hotel Society-Chapter President's Handbook GOALS OF A CHAPTER Any group of Hotel School alumni in any geographical area may form a Chapter in accordance with the bylaws of the Society, if one does not currently exist, providing there is sufficient interest and numbers of the alumni in a particular area to ensure a long-term commitment to the Chapter's existence. The primary objective of the Chapter is to promote a symbiotic relationship between alumni and the School of Hotel Administration, promote a spirit of fellowship among alumni, and increase both professional and social ties. This objective may be achieved through many avenues — social gatherings, cultural events, continuing education opportunities, student receptions, receptions at trade events, scholarship fundraising events, and joint activities with other Chapters, to name a few. The section on organizing a Chapter will provide an in-depth guideline to a wide range of possible activities. Although a precise formula for success is somewhat elusive, we have found a common trait of all successful Chapters to be the person-to-person approach. A phone call is more effective than an email; personal contact at a meeting works better than a phone call. This personal participation can help make a Chapter a success. 1. Recognize that time is precious to both members and leaders, so be specific with requests for assistance to minimize wasting time. However, time spent developing an annual plan focuses attention and assigns responsibility. 2. Always present a clear picture of what needs to be accomplished. 3. Be lavish with sincere appreciation, both publicly and privately. Recognition of each person's contribution makes the Chapter thrive. 4. Plan ahead and always notify the Alumni Affairs Office in Ithaca of all activities as far in advance as possible. The more notification they have, the more assistance they can provide. Page | 31

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