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Cornell Hotel Society-Chapter President's Handbook INTRODUCTION This handbook has been prepared for use by the President, first and second Vice President, Regional Vice Presidents, regional directors of programming and regional Treasurers, and the Chapter Presidents of the Cornell Hotel Society. The Cornell Hotel Society's Chapters and the School are represented around the globe. Their members form strong professional ties through Chapter activity and involvement. The family spirit of camaraderie, commitment, and community forges a vital link to the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University. This handbook is designed to assist in the organization, operation, and maintenance of a successful Chapter and leadership network. The needs and size of our Chapter organizations vary geographically and demographically; therefore, a wide range of information and resources has been included for each Chapter to use as appropriate for the Chapter's specific size and needs. We hope this handbook will be of assistance to you, and we welcome any and all feedback in order to improve its quality. HISTORY The Origin of the Cornell Hotel Society By former Hotel School Professor John Courtney '25 (Written in 1952, revised in 1990) The Cornell Society of Hotelmen, now known as the Cornell Hotel Society, is the alumni association of the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University. It has its inception in the early undergraduate years of the first classes and to develop the background of its origin calls for a bit of reminiscing. In the fall of 1922, at the request of the American Hotel Association, and at the encouragement — and even the urging — of such leaders in the hotel business as Ellsworth Milton Statler, Frank A. Dudley, John McFarlane Howie, Lucius M. Boomer, Thomas D. Green, and many others, Professor Howard Bagnall Meek came to Cornell to organize a curriculum of instruction of hotel management, which has now become the School of Hotel Administration. The School had its birth in a little cubbyhole up under the eaves in Comstock Hall (then the Home Economics Building) where Prof. Meek dispossessed some pigeons and cleaned out the cobwebs. With a few old boxes and orange crates for office equipment, and with Lena Swartwood at a typewriter out in the hallway, he released the news that a high grade education in all matters relating to the management of hotel and was now available and called for volunteers to "come and get it." Page | 4

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