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Cornell Hotel Society-Chapter President's Handbook way financially responsible for any Chapter or region's financial obligations. Should the conduct of the Chapter not be in accordance with Society objectives, it will be stricken from the Society's Chapter roster and will surrender its charter upon request by the Society's Executive Committee. Section 4. REGION DEFINITION: The Society is divided into geographical regions to monitor, assist, participate and provide feedback, as appropriate, to the Society's leadership and to promote regional and Chapter activities, revitalize existing Chapters and promote new ones. A current list of regions and Chapters can be found on the Society's web site. ARTICLE XI: AMENDMENTS Section 1. AMENDMENTS: Society Bylaws may be altered, amended, or repealed by a twothirds (2/3) vote of Regular Members present at a semi-annual general membership meeting, unless five (5) members in attendance request a written ballot of the membership. At such an occurrence, a simple majority vote will prevail, provided due notice was given of contemplated changes, the meeting date, its place and must have been accompanied by a recommendation of the Executive Committee and must have been sent to all Regular Members. Amendments are effective immediately following their approval unless otherwise specified. ARTICLE XII: DISSOLUTION Section 1. DISSOLUTION: Should dissolution of the Society occur, upon its dissolution, the total assets of the Society shall be transferred to Cornell University for their administration, designated for exclusive use by the School of Hotel Administration. Updated April 4, 2008 CHAPTER BYLAWS TEMPLATE Each Chapter of the Cornell Hotel Society should review and adopt the CHS bylaws, which are included in this manual and on the web at ( and/or they can create their own simple bylaws. These bylaws need not be extensive but they should cover some very basic articles that formalize the organization. If the Chapter prefers to have their own, the following bylaws are recommended: Article I: Name Section One: Name The name of the association shall be the (name) Chapter of the Cornell Hotel Society. Article II: Address Page | 27

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