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Cornell Hotel Society-Chapter President's Handbook CORNELL HOTEL SOCIETY BYLAWS PREAMBLE The graduates of the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University and matriculates, defined as those who have been enrolled in the School of Hotel Administration for at least one complete academic school year, giving due recognition to the values represented by attending the School, the associations formed, and the benefits inherent therein, do hereby form this association to further those relationships and promote the interests of the School. ARTICLE I: NAME Section 1. NAME: The name of the association shall be the Cornell Hotel Society, Inc. known hereinafter as CHS or referred to as the "Society." Section 2. LOCATION: The registered address of the Society is the office of its Secretary at the School of Hotel Administration (known hereinafter as the "School"), Statler Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853. ARTICLE II: OBJECTIVE Section 1. OBJECTIVE: The objective of the Society is to promote the interests of Cornell University, the School, alumni, administrators, faculty, and students. The Society also promotes fellowship, networking, education, recruitment, career management, development, and financial assistance to the School and its students, professionalism, and training in the hospitality industry. ARTICLE III: MEMBERSHIP There are three categories of membership: Section 1. MEMBERS, REGULAR: Regular Members may be: a. Persons who have completed one academic year in the School of Hotel Administration in the undergraduate or graduate programs of the School; b. Members of the School's faculty, including professors, associate professors, assistant professors, senior lecturers, lecturers, and teaching support specialists; and c. School administrators, including the dean, associate deans, assistant deans, and directors, upon their appointment. Faculty and administrators remain eligible until their retirement or departure from the School, at which time they may be considered for another class of membership. Section 2. CLASS OF MEMBERS: Regular Members shall take the class of the year of their graduation or, if attended at least one academic school year, they will take the class of the fourth year following their matriculation for an undergraduate and the year of their graduation for graduate students. Any member may, upon application to the Secretary, be assigned to an appropriate class of their choice. Page | 17

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