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90 In���uential Hotelies Ninety names sounded like a great many when we conceived the idea for this list. Ninety names is a lot, but not nearly enough to include every Hotelie who has distinguished him/herself in the world of hospitality and tourism. The level of achievement among our alumni and other contributors to our program is stunning and unparalleled, and we wanted to honor many more people than we could. For the most part, the people on this list populate the three professional categories that Dean Michael Johnson affectionately refers to as ���the Moneys,��� ���the Foodies,��� and ���the Turbo-Hotelies.��� Many of our alumni are very successfully engaged in activities related to investing and development, especially in real estate. Others have radically changed the dining-out scene in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, inventing and propagating new genres from fast-food to fine dining and elevating our conception of what a restaurant can and should be. And then there are those who have helped build empires as visionary hotel entrepreneurs or outstanding corporate leaders. Many have also made notable contributions to the SHA, their communities, their industry, and/or the larger society as mentors, organizational leaders, program developers, and philanthropists. We began the process of assembling this list by soliciting nominations from all alumni as well as from the entire school community, and we are grateful to everyone who responded. We also pressed some of our most connected alumni to give us whole lists of names. We combed Brad Edmondson���s excellent history of the school, Hospitality Leadership, and the delightful first history by Charles Sayles ���26, From a Closet Under the Stairs, to gather great names from the past. It seems quite unlikely, in spite of all that, that everyone deserving has been included, and we welcome you to bring omissions to our attention. Your input will help us start filling in the historical record in preparation for the school���s centennial.

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