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by Glenn Withiam Center/Institute News Industry and academy come together for CHRS 2012 T said CHRS chair Rohit Verma, professor of service operations management and former executive director of the CHR. "More important, the CHRS is the basis of ongoing applications of the research and discussions held here. We are focused on the industry's future." he biennial Cornell Hospitality Research Summit (CHRS) is designed to bring together hospitality industry practitioners and researchers for the purpose of creating and sharing knowledge and ideas that will help the hospitality industry continue to move forward globally. CHRS 2012 followed on the success of the inaugural CHRS in 2010 to bring more than 230 industry executives and researchers to campus in October. This conference was organized by the school's Center for Hospitality Research (CHR) to balance input from academic researchers and industry executives through the presentation of research findings, keynote panel discussions, and hands-on workshops. The conference's opening keynote panel was made up of five hospitality CEOs who represented the remarkable diversity of enterprises that make up this industry. Their discussion framed the industry's major issues and set a constructive tone for the entire conference. The panelists pointed out the clear connection between operations excellence and value creation as well as the importance of capital investment to maintaining customer satisfaction. CHRS 2012 was also the capstone event for the twentieth anniversary of the CHR. In an anniversary video, CHR advisory board members and former CHR directors explained the CHR's development as the foremost source of hospitality research. The video can be viewed at http://www.hotelschool.cornell. edu/research/chr/anniversary. "We see the CHRS as far more than two solid days of top-notch presentations, although that's exactly what it was," Steven Carvell, SHA associate dean for academic affairs, chaired the panel, whose members were Arthur Adler '78, Photo: Robert Barker/UPhoto "CHRS II was the most content-rich and refreshingly commercial-free hospitality conference," said Ted Teng '79, president and CEO of the Leading Hotels of the World, title sponsor of the conference. "It was full of insightful conversations to stimulate ideas on how to run our businesses better. Even those who normally compete were contributing to the discussion on how to move our whole industry forward together. It was a highly energizing and motivating two days." They agreed that investment in staff training is important but that training should focus more on capabilities than on specific knowledge about the industry. Perhaps one of the industry's greatest challenges is finding ways to offset the focus on price and location in hotel sales, especially given consumers' use of online travel agents. The panel members acknowledged the importance of brands, particularly to hotel investors and to groups that are selecting a meeting venue. At the same time, the panel noted that creating real hotel differentiation is a challenging goal in the current environment. Ted Teng '79 and Cindy Estis Green '79 at CHRS 2012 Hotelie 43

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